Yoga – more than just Asanas

I started practising yoga in March 2014. I cannot recall exactly how I was exposed to it, but it was probably social media that ignited the impetus in me to start attending yoga classes and even signing up for memberships. I follow many inspiring yoga practioners on Instagram who not only post images of amazing poses but also the positive messages and vibes, encouragements, self-acceptances and words of gratitudes that caption these pictures.

I am drawn towards these aspects of positiveness, self-awareness and self-acceptance. I thus got started in the process of self-learning via online videos. After practising while watching these videos, I discovered a lot about what my body and I could accomplish that I did not know before, such as inversions, back bends and arm balances.

In the beginning, I found joy just being able to nail certain asanas. By and by, through continually attending classes, I inevitably was exposed to a wide variety of teachers, some of whom introduced to me the meditative state of mind. I vividly remember leaving classes feeling rejuvenated and revitalised after immersing myself in a meditative state of calmness and bliss. This spurred my desire to continuously seek out and revisit those positive feelings in my yoga journey.

I guess the moral of this post is my realisation that contrary to popular (and incorrect) belief, yoga is more than just an exercise or physical activity. It is actually a lifestyle and a lifelong journey towards samadhi (superconscious awareness).


Lynne S