My favourite yoga pose: Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

I was told by a masseur that I have a rounded spine, developed over time due to a prolonged hunchback sitting posture. As as result, I used to experience backaches and numbness in different parts of my body; especially when I sit or stand for an extended period of time. Inadvertently, it affected my mood on a regular basis in the past two years. During a Yoga class, I chance upon the Camel pose (Ustrasana).

I love the versatility of the Ustrasana, you can do it standing or kneeling, with one arm up or both back, with blocks. There are so many options.

A healthy spine allows me to walk, stand and maneuver my way around freely.

Benefits of this exercise:

– stretches the ankles, front of thighs, hip flexors (iliopsoas), abdomen, chest, front of the shoulders and neck.

– strengthens glutes, back extensors, abs, hamstrings, shoulder retractors and neck muscles.

– stimulates spinal nerves.

– stimulates abdominal organs, lungs, thyroid gland and kidneys.


Basic Joint Position.

1) The knees flex.

2) The ankles plantar flex.

3) The hip extend, internally rotate and adduct.

4) The truck extends

5) The shoulders extend.

6) The elbows extend.

7) The Forearms Supinate.


Note: Consult a doctor before beginning an exercise regime

Strengthens: Human back

Stretches: Abdomen, Thigh, Thorax, Ankle, Groin, Throat, Psoas major muscle, Quadriceps femoris muscle, Entire front of the body.

Preparatory poses: Dhanurasana, Bhujangasana, Salabhasana, Virasana, Supta Virasana, Urdhvamukha shvanasana.

Follow-up poses: Dhanurasana, Sarvangasana, Chakrasana, Virasana, Dandasana, Janusirsasana.

Pose type: Backbend, Chest opener.