My favourite pose: Urdhva Danurasana

My Favourite pose by far is Urdhva Danurasana. 

This is because it is really challenging for me do accomplish this pose. From the time I have tried repeatedly with two blocks against the wall it is slowly but surely getting much better and easier to do, and coming together with all the muscle groups…..

I love this pose for two reasons: It stretches the triceps and so many many other muscles work in this pose too!

The upper trapezius muscles, the rhomboids, the infraspinatus and the erector spinae, together with the psoas and the rectus abdomens and gluteus maximus, the tensor fascia lata, down to the hamstrings quadriceps and right down to the soleus muscles in the calves all work at tandem to achieve this pose!

The streeeetch in this pose feels fantastic.

The second reason I love this pose is purely for me and being the nature lover I am I relish doing this pose in the open and in my garden and watching the clouds in an azure blue sky floating away from this angle.

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