Entrance into the field of Yoga

It is only when I enrolled to Tirisula 200-HR YTT that I’ve realized my yoga practice goes a lot deeper than I first thought. I have been “intermittently” practicing yoga for the past three years as I was more on a fitness girl – running, cycling and weights classes. I enrolled to fitness gym years back and I would only do yoga to stretch my muscles after a long week of doing cardio workouts.

Last year, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and cyst has to be removed. I have scheduled my surgery in 3 months which I became more physically active, especially in Yoga. I came across a 65 year-old Yoga Teacher whom inspires me a lot where I see myself in her as she was a business and workaholic woman back then, until he undergone a number of surgeries and different diseases that placed her into extreme depression which later on Yoga was introduced to her and she believes it changed her life not only physically but also in terms of spiritually/mentally. This inspiration made me push through the path of Yoga.

After my surgery, I refrain from my workouts and I was only allowed to do Yoga 3 months after the surgery. From then on I started attending yoga classes, something clicked and I I’ve begun to realize that yoga was a way of living. I believe Yoga can heal through practice (Mind over body) which leads me to this class for me to have in depth knowledge.

Yoga was then my “WORKOUT” but now it became a lifestyle to me.


-Berna Honrejas-

31 October 2016