Effort to Effortless (or atleast less effort)

It is amazing. One month out from the teacher training and I am starting to feel the results of all the effort I have put in. It is true what Paalu kept telling us. The more effort that you put in now, the less effort that is required later.
My body has decided that it feels much better every day that I practice. As a result of this my body wakes me up religiously every morning at 4:46am to get up and practice. I decided that I would not set my alarm and if I woke up and my body felt like doing yoga then I would. There is now no effort in waking up every morning feeling refreshed and ready to go.
Every so often my mind will try to join in and give me excuses as to why I should not practice but that is already becoming less effort and it only ever happens after I have effortlessly woken up.
During my practice I notice a difference aswell. I have definitely not reached effortless yet but some asanas that I struggle with are becoming less effort and more enjoyable. I feel much stronger in the postures and lighter in my body. I will find myself doing extra sit ups and pushups in each transition and can see huge changes in my body.
The rest of my life is also following along and everything is becoming less effort. I seem to have more energy and time so I am not rushing to fit things in or avoiding doing the extra things. Work has become more enjoyable and I am getting to teach yoga and see how other people respond aswell as practicing myself.
Dealing with difficult people and situations is less effort. I find I have already put the effort in earlier so I know what is going on in the situation and I feel much calmer and more willing to do all I can to help.
An good example of effort creating effortlessness is when you arrive home from work, if you put in a little effort and put everything you carried in away and as you get changed put your clothes away. Then later on there will be no effort required to tidy the house as it is already done.
My whole outlook on life has changed and everything is moving from effort in the direction of effortless.