Effect of Yoga on Muscular System

My yoga journey in 2020😔,but I not exactly remember what the date or month, but I remember I go to yoga class with a stiffness or muscle tightness from a high impact workout.Before yoga, I was really into normal fitness and at that time yoga wasn’t offered in my fitnesses club. I been lookinh for years something (anything) that wouldn’t stress my whole body. My first class attended was calm yoga class and it was a true waking for me ,I left the class feeling lighter, calmer and it healed me;physically,mentally,and emotionally and make my day! I felt so gratefull.
Yoga is good for holistic well-being period, for those whose believe in rigorous workout & sweeting it out.Have to agree that yoga is more effective than any workout at the gym, it has lots of benefit, with range from mental health and muscle. The efforts of yoga on Muscular system it’s more than being a from of exercise it change the body cellular level.
Yoga balance for entire body from muscular skeletal the organ and system and balance around the joint, similarly make me more flexible, yoga brings more space to my body. Provides a peaceful mind and healthy body.  I believe yoga is responsible for altering the fluidity in the body there by reducing any stiffness. More yoga and more movement-less diseases. Doing yoga regularly makes you able to feel change almost immediately,it’s feel more space in the body and reduce the risk of heart disease, improve lower back pain, improve of asthmatic and reduce anxiety too.

I realised the other day that I started my consistent yoga practice, I always come to yoga class like Vinyasa yoga feeing happy. Day after day, month after month,  I really enjoy yoga practice, I am so happy and I can feel little bit more flexible than before.I ask my yoga teacher, I want learning more about yoga,and She recommend me to join at Tirisula Yoga, the next Week I’m decided to join the course YTT 200 hours ,and in here I am learning a lot of new things that I can’t explain one by one . I’m don’t  know what is Yoga philosophy before?
I’m so please I’m learning/studying here at Tirisula yoga course,I learning lots new things.and also I meet lots amazing people this group class.