What I eat Everyday

Being an Asian is very hard to eat healthy especially when you live in the countries (MY and SG) where have so many delicious local food. Also, the healthy trend was not hit here back then I am so glad that there are many healthy restaurants in SG now.

I started eating healthily since 3 years ago. I make my own meals every day, eating out occasionally (once or twice a week). I do not eat at fast food chain or any instant meals for almost 4 years. I love fruits and vegetables since young thanks to my mom J I do not like to eat meat as I do not like the smell of meat (especially red meat) but I like fish.

My Favorite Breakfast  (Almost every single day):

Cooked Rolled Oats topped with Chia Seed, Flaxseed Meal, Cinnamon powder, Ashwagandha /turmeric/matcha/cacao powder (I will switch these every time) and some fresh fruits like kiwi/blueberries/banana or avocado.

My lunch is stir-fry different types of vegetables (usually up to 5), protein will be tofu/chickpea/lentils/mushroom/egg, and carbohydrate will be sweet potatoes/quinoa with brown rice/buckwheat pasta.

My usual snack is plain greek yogurt, fruits or nuts. I make energy balls as snacks sometimes, because it’s very easy and no baking is required.

My favorite dinner is pan fried fish and vegetables. Sometimes I will make a bowl of warm soup noodle. My noodle choice is Soba/Quinoa and Rice Vermicelli/ Millet and cook with vegetables, egg or sometimes sliced fish and tofu in Miso soup.

My daily meals sound very boring but I do enjoy very much J I’m looking forward to move back to JB to discover healthy and delicious dishes in my own kitchen. I’m super excited whenever I think about it.




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