Body and Soul Need New Challenges

Hi Beautiful Human, my name is Pei. Let me start with how I came on the mat, the person who inspired me is my sister (I love her so much). I still remember the first Yoga class I went with her was a hot class when we were both still in the State.  I left the class half way because I felt like I wasgoing to faint but this didn’t stop me so I continue practicing after I graduated and came to Singapore for work.

Slowly I become more into it and I practice every single day. I bring my mat while travelling even there is no time I will still some stretches before bed. I’m a morning person (very glad I am) 🙂  practice from 6-7.30am at home now.

I used to attend yoga classes in studios after work which I don’t find it productive as my dinner time was messed up then I slowly practicing at home.I like to explore in new things like going to a new place or try something which I never thought of. There was one day, I was thinking how do I bring my practice to the next level then I found Tirisula YTT so I just signed up. I feel very grateful that I have the opportunity to take this course, there is always a takeaway every time after the class and the engagement is very strong. I’m looking forward every weekend to attend the training.

This could be the greatest present I gave myself before stepping 30s.

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