Does your yoga attire affect your physical or mental state of yoga?

Yoga studios in Singapore do not have a set attire for yoga practitioners to wear, but states that they should be dressed comfortably in appropriate attire for movement. Generally women attending yoga classes would be dressed in tight fit spandex, slim tight fit tights and a sports bra. Does this help them perform better in yoga? Maybe.

There has been research showing that wearing tight clothing – compression clothing is said to increase blood and lymphatic flow which can boost workout performance by allowing oxygen to be delivered more efficiently to the muscles. Tights also provide support to the muscles, help moderate temperature through various materials and keep you dry during a workout.

Wearing nice yoga gear also makes you feel good internally. Bright coloured and well-fitted, can help improve your mental state going into a yoga class. You turn up in quality clothing can help improve mood and good vibes for your practice. There is a term “enclothed cognition” to describe the mental changes that we undergo when we wear certain clothing. There is a symbolic meaning and you associate with a particular clothing – especially when you wear athletic clothing, you feel more active and are more inclined to go for a workout.

Wearing good athletic apparel also boosts confidence to individuals looking to do yoga. You instantly look the part, and fit the bill as a yoga practitioner. On top of that, good brands have put effort into branding and comfort for you to feel good in their clothing. The more confident you feel, the better you are going to feel to get the results. Your clothes then represent your inner feelings and motivations which then feedbacks to your brain that you feel good and look good.

Yoga practitioners in india traditionally wear a dhoti – a loose piece of clothing and exposed chest for men while women covered themselves in a bandeau top or even a sari. It is said that traditional schools in India still encourage the use of the dhoti and serious yogis should continue this tradition. Materials that are tight fitting are not centred around the benefit for breath work.