Chiropractor recommended NOT to do yoga???

The other day a friend reached out to me knowing I was studying in this course, her words were “so I’m a bit sad because I went to the doctor the other day to check on my injury(shoulder injury from a car crash) and I asked him if I could start practicing yoga and he said not to in order to not compromise the healing process. I then went to my chiropractor and asked the same thing and they answered me with the same thing” I was shocked to hear my friend reach out to me and tell me this. I responded that there has been much controversy on the subject but it has been said that many professionals don’t recommend yoga because it actually can be beneficial making your trips to the doctor less often. Of course I’m no professional but I simply responded with “yoga has so many more components than just the asana…” her response to me was “okay. lol”.
From this course I have learned that there is so much more to yoga than just the asanas, it is beneficial to the mind body and soul. In fact we are and have been trained to be prepared for when we do have students with physical limitations. It brings me down to hear that there are professionals who do not see the good practicing can do to one, and recommending not to do it at all! I wanted to ramble to my friend all that I have learned through this course and how much she doesn’t know. I wanted to tell her that her reaching out to me with that was just another excuse for her not to start that very day, going out and doing her research of patients who have took it upon themselves to adapt the yogic lifestyle and how they have benefited from it. But I didn’t, as said in class, you cannot force nor should you tell someone what to do or how to think, “live as a god” which means to just live by example. I have never been one to tell someone else what to do because I personally hated that, but I do plan to show the changes in my life through example. Most of my friends are still going to school and I will be returning soon, but many of them complain about how they don’t get enough sleep because they were out partying, that their skin is breaking out when all they do is party and munch on tamasic foods all day. I will probably never speak out and say “oh well maybe you shouldn’t party so much, maybe you shouldn’t eat all that junk” but rather when they ask why is my skin clear? yoga. How do I not look exhausted even though I wake up just as early? yoga. I doubt many people will understand that yoga is a lifestyle when I respond with such answer. My friend from the previous paragraph is a perfect example, she came to me for an answer or an approval that I agree with her doctors not to start yoga and all she responded was with “okay. lol” she didn’t even try to continue the conversation to see what I meant by it. I may not be able to persuade others with my words, but I do hope that with my own body as an example, they can see and start to understand.
Davina Antillon

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