Intermediate lesson plan

1 Hour Intermediate Lesson Plan
1) Introduction ( 2 min )
• Self intro
• Introduce objective of class : Focus on key poses in hatha yoga such as downward facing dog, forward bend, seated forward bend to get students well aligned and prepared for further practices. These are the fundamentals poses which may look simple but the key is to form a stable and well aligned posture so your further practices will be easier.
• Medical Disclaimer
2) Warm Up ( 18min ) [20min] Position: Seated, leg crossed
Pranayama : Vijjayi breathing, 2:3:1 (5min) Repeat 5 round, 1 round consists of 20 breath
• We will start with Vijjayi pranayama. This is also known as the Victorious breath. This deep breathing exercise allows you to slow and smooth the flow of breath while quieting and focusing the mind.
Body warm up 15min (Head, Shoulder, wrist, Hips )
Still in seated position :
Head :
Complete below 5X
• Turn right to left, Turn left to right
Complete below 2 X
• Tilt head towards left shoulder, place your left hands on your head and press down gently. Feel the stretch on your right neck.
• Tilt head towards right shoulder, place your right hands on your head and press down gently. Feel the stretch on your left neck.
Complete below 5 X
• Rotate clockwise and place your right hand on the ground firmly behind you and rotate your left hand to touch your right knee. Feel the stretch in your chest
• Repeat the same for your left.
Complete below 4 X
• Place your right hand straight in front of you facing up with palm facing towards me. Use your left hand to hold against your fingers and stretch your wrist. Repeat the same with hand facing down.
• Repeat for left hand
Come to standing position, feet hips width apart :
Hips :
Complete below 5X
• Place your hands on your hips and move in a figure 8 position clockwise
• Repeat in the anticlockwise direction
Hips opening :
Complete below 5X
• ( Quads) Stand with feet together, bend your right leg and hold your ankles with both hands from behind. Feel the stretch. Hold for 5 Sec.
• Repeat for left leg.
• Stand with feet together, bend your right knee and rotate in clockwise direction. Repeat in anti clockwise.
• Repeat for left leg.
• (variation : stand against the wall) Stand with feet together, kick your right leg from front to back.
• Repeat for left leg.
3) Asana Sequencing :
Standing asanas: ( 22min)
• Modified Surya Namaska A ( 3 rounds) : Right leg lunge, Warrior I, Chest chin up, cobra, DWFD, Ujjayi breathing, child pose.
• Once finish, counter pose, standing forward bend with arms hugging
• Modified Surya Namaska ( 3 rounds) : Prasarita Padottanasana ( standing fold ) , Counter pose : Parsvottansa ( 1 feet forward, head touch the shin, fold forward , Uttitha trikonasana, counter pose : Parivrittatrikonasana , revolve tri pose.
• 3 legged dog with return to plank, cobra, downward facing dog ( 2x) Then incorporate side plank, reverse plank ( 2x)
Seating : ( 3min) 3 rounds, 20 breaths each
• Paschimottanasana ( Seated forward bend )
o Variation, hands to toe, hand below toe, handbesides
• Counter pose : Vakrasana : 20sec
Keep left leg straight, Bend right knee , place triceps of left arm on outside on right knee. Place right hand behind for support.
• Baddha Konasana : Butterfly pose( 3min) 3 rounds, 20 breaths each
o Variation, head to toe, hands in front
Supine asanas: ( 5min)
• Eka Pada Uttanpadasana ( one leg raised ). 2 rounds, 10 breath each
• Counter pose : Pawan Muktasana ( Wind releasing pose) 30 sec
• Navasan ( boat pose). 2 rounds, 20 breath each
• Counter pose : Sarvangasana : Shoulder stand,30 sec
• Halasana : 1 round , 30 breath
• Counter pose : knee to ears, 20 sec
Finishing : ( 5min) :
Play singing bowl with ocean sound
Verbal instruction :
“lie on the mat facing up, hands beside the body, feet towards the edge of the mat
Breathing :
Inhale 4 sec Verbal Cue : Feel your tummy filling in with oxygen
Exhale : 6 sec, feel the still air around you and the calmness in the surrounding
Mental relaxation : Body parts relaxation, toes, legs, things, hand, head
Spiritual relaxation : Feel yourself like a fish in the vast ocean, carefree swimming freely in the wonderful blue ocean, as if you are the only fish.
Wake up : Playing singing bowl only
Verbal cue : Slowly wriggle your toes, your hands, turn your head side to side.stretch your hands over your head, stretch your legs in the opposite direction, feel the full stretch.
Roll over to the right, push yourself up. Close your eyes.
Shirley Koh
September 2017 YTT weekday cohort

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