Bored of water?

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, especially while exercising.
But aren’t we all bored of drinking just plain water?
Well, lets do something fun.
Let’s make a pot of tea from fresh Rosella flower. It isn’t only tasty and funky colored, but it is also very good for you. Rosella flower is a spieces of Hibiscus. The plant is considered to have antihypertensive properties, which reduces high blood pressure. It also possesses mild laxative properties. Tea made from fresh flowers contain high levels of Vitamin C, but that is not all. Rosella reduces cholesterol and is used as a treatment for urinary  tract infection.
I could write for a while about all the good stuff but lets get down to business and make a fresh new pot. The way I do it, is every night I make a pot from 2-3 flowers and when it cools down I pure it into plastic (1.5l) water bottle and top it up with plain water. Leave it overnight in the fridge and enjoy it throughout your yoga class.
I hope you enjoy your beverage next time you come to the class.IMG_1480
Rosella is available in most wet markets (Tekka wet market)