Am I normal???

Every woman experiences pregnancy in a different way.  Some may sail through feeling healthy and happy throughout their term but others may experience a multitude of ailments.  The expectant mother may wonder if what they are experiencing is normal and why it is happening.  Here is an explanation for some of the more common ailments that can occur:

  • Breathlessness

The increased levels of progesterone in the body make breath deeper and more frequent.  This increases lung capacity and allows more oxygen to reach the unborn baby.  Breathlessness is most apparent during the 3rd trimester.

  • Varicose Veins

Overall blood volume increases during pregnancy causing the veins to enlarge.  The pressure of the uterus on the main veins may also slow the flow of blood creating potential blockages.

  • Hemroids or Piles

These are generally caused by a lack of fibre and constipation.  Also the expanding uterus puts pressure on the veins causing them to swell.  Approximately 50% of women will experience hemroids at some point in their pregnancy.

  • Sciatica

When the hips widen the external rotator muscles are stretched.  The piriformus muscle may pinch down on the sciatic nerve.

  • Anaemia

The increased blood volume during pregnancy automatically increases the body’s need for iron.  Iron is used to produce haemoglobin which is needed in greater amounts for the extra blood.  Iron is also required to support the growing foetus and placenta.

  • Thrush

The changing environment of the vagina supports the growth of fungus.
Luckily most of these ailments are not particularly serious.  While pregnant you are at risk for some more serious conditions such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or Preeclampsia.  After the birth some women may experience Post Natal Depression.  It is important to have regular medical checks and an open dialogue with the physician to ensure that you have a health pregnancy and remain so post pregnancy.

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