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I have always enjoyed reading self-help books, and one of the books which guided me through a challenging time in my life was ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. It explains how the law of attraction, which states that positive energy attracts positive things into your life, governs your thinking and actions,

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What Does Meditation Do? I’ve always thought of yoga as a predominantly physical practice and meditation as a predominatly mental one. But as it turns out, yoga is actually about much more than holding poses. The confusion lies in the fact that yoga – as it is practiced outside of

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Biggest Introspective Realisation During the YTT If asked about one of my key takeaways from this course, I would have to say it was learning more about myself. This was a realisation from two lessons: (1) The lesson on Karma; and (2) The lesson on Chakras. So to better contextualise

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What even is a yogic diet? One of my favourite parts of learning about yoga was learning about the yogic approach to foods. In this post, I will share about two misconceptions that I’ve since corrected. #1: There are no “good” or “bad” foods. I always thought about this in

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5 Things You Never Knew About The Yoga Pose – Downward Facing Dog 1 -Downward-facing dog is considered an inversion! This is because in this posture, your head is below your heart. Inversions improve blood flow to your brain (thanks gravity!) and can help to relax the nervous system, reduce


在学习瑜伽之前,每当看到别人在头倒立,都不禁为对方捏一把冷汗,担心的一直等到人家脚重新安全落回到地上才放下心来,更不会想到有一天我会去学习、尝试、甚至解锁这个体式。当我第一次通过学习瑜伽解锁这个体式的时候,心里由衷的佩服自己,我已经克服了心里的那道障碍。与其说过了自己心里那关,不如说是我通过跟老师的学习,更加了解了这个对于我来说曾经“难于上青天”的体式。 从前,看着别人在头倒立,我会误以为他把整个身体的重量放在了头上,这样会让颈椎受了很多力,对于有颈椎病的我来说恐惧大于力量不足,但其实不然。在双腿向上蹬起之前,最最重要的是启动上背部的力量,让肩膀稳定有力,来分担头部和颈椎承受的压力。并且骨盆端正收紧核心也是很重要,骨盆是双腿的基础,如果不端正,大腿也会跟着到后面去,人会很容易翻过去。练习这个体式,主要是需要手肘根基稳定,肱三头肌,三角肌发力。肩膀稳定,启动背部力量:斜方肌,大圆肌,小圆肌,冈下肌,背阔肌。骨盆端正,收紧臀中肌臀大肌。腰腹核心收紧腹直肌,腹内斜肌,腹外斜肌,腹横肌,从而紧紧包裹腰椎。双腿的股外侧肌和股二头肌用力收紧,使双腿用力向天花板蹬。理解了理论后,开始虽然是会靠墙倒立,但通过对这个体式中需要用到的这些肌肉的力量训练,不久的将来就能离墙倒立不翻了。