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Why is Spiderman’s blood pressure normal?

Image from NerdSync Answer:  Because he has been practicing Meao Mudra   Mudra = seal. Mudras done using hands are called Hasta Mudra. 十指连心 (shi zhi lian xin) – This is a saying in Chinese which translate to “your 10 fingers are connected to your heart”. The heart and soul

Why the rest of the world embraces yoga more than Indians?

The wave in the past two years has been shifting and more Indians are getting into practicing yoga. But before this I often used to wonder , Why the disinterest? But I guess being an Indian I can answer it the best ( at least I hope so) Things closest

Yoga, a life (or lives) long journey towards Enlightenment

Look around, yoga is everywhere, beyond asanas and mediation. It starts from your thoughts, an idea in your mind, which eventually forms an intention, translating to actions. Practicing yoga serves as a good reminder to all to be a better human, to be in harmony with yourself, others and connect with

The PMS (Physical, Mental and Spiritual of Yoga)

My impression of Yoga before attending this teacher training was that all Yoga is, is an advanced form of stretching. Which it is, and it is just what I need after many years of sitting around in the office. My body is physically tight all over, from head to toe.

In pursuit of pure speech

Clean lines. Minimalist designs. The de-clutter movement aka Marie Kondo.   We are living in times of unprecedented material prosperity, the likes of which our parents and grandparents could only dream of. Yet, for all the material abundance in our modern world, the widespread appeal of an orderly, pared-down-to-the-basics aesthetic

My Personal Encounter with Pranayma

Growing up in an Indian boarding school I was forcibly introduced to yoga at a young age and had to incorporate it in my daily life, which is why I ABSOLUTELY hated it.I was more interested in other sports or forms of exercise. I was shown how to do a