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Comparison during yoga

You show up on the yoga mat and this celestial-like-creature comes and sits beside you. Mind chatter – “she has got that yoga body, symmetrically crafted hair bun, more flexible and limber than me”. Throughout the practice, you keep your gaze on her and comes the mind chatter again –

Bhoj Kriya – how to eat consciously

Ever heard of a saint woman who can live without eating by practising certain kind of Kriyayoga technique – Yogini Giri Bala? She has proven that food is not complete source of energy and this can be further proven by many people who eat so little but still showed significant

Seek universal balance in food choices and yoga

Building quality dietary habits can also be a mindful practice in providing a solid ground that complement your yoga practice. The practice of eating food is commonly known as Bhoj Kriya. The dietary habits of an individual is one of the most important measurements of health risk. That being said,

Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Philosophy Yoga Philosophy, philosophy of yoga. Y.O.G.A. Such a simple four letter word, Yoga. Not everyone can write it, but most can. Not everyone can spell it, but most can. Not everyone can learn it, but most can. But, how many can truly understand it, mindfully practice it, master

Anatomy, Muscle Blog

Anatomy Blog – Muscular System Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana A, B, C and D I have had a 2 years contact with yoga before I hit my 30s. At that time, it was a breeze to me, being younger than I am today, I was more flexible and stronger. Initially, I

Chakras, a Haiku

Subtle awareness Your energy travels; the Lotus blooms within   (Photo by Clarence E. Hsu on Unsplash)