Blocked Chakras and Cancer

Now that I am in my forties, more and more stories of friends getting cancer and other terminal dieases are cropping up everyday. There were quite a few incidents of breast cancers, among galfriends or the old classmate that we have not heard about for the longest time, and the last news you get of them is that they just got breast cancer. And about a month ago, my own uncle died at the age of 59, succumbing to stomach cancer. Often I think to myself why are these happening to the people around us , and the frequency and the age that cancer appears seems to get more frequent and their victims younger.

And as these thoughts go through me, I discovered through a course on meditation, that cancers are not only caused by the unhealthy food that we eat, but a lot of times, are caused by the blocked energy that is trapped within our bodies. And a lot of times these blocked energies are cause by our own thoughts. A past we cannot let go, a person we cannot make ourselves forgive, or a misunderstanding that stood the test of time that never cleared up.

One of my galfriend, Ms. A, was going through a bad patch in her marriage. She and Husband have been at loggerheads for the longest time, because Husband loves a drink or two and are often at KTVs with women. Ms. A could not take it, and keep demanding that Husband stop his unnessary entertainments. Soon Ms. A started to develop breast cancer and had to go through Chemotherapy. Husband knowing this stopped his philandery ways and somehow her illness improved.

Another friend , Ms. B married a irresponsible man who does not bring home the dough and is never at home. She struggled for years and finally bring her heart to get a divorce. Soon after, she developed breast cancer. She went on to get herself treated, and two years later married a nice man who took great care of her and kid and cancer never visited her again.

At a meditation session, someone shared her life story of how she, at 60s developed stoamch cancer. Upon meditation for 6 months, she went back to her doctor and the Doctor miraculously declared her cancer free. She shared that she had a long standing feud with her own daugther which lasted for twenty years, upon discovering meditation, she found the courage to clear the air with her daugther and untie the knot that was within her for the past twenty years and thus unknowingly curing herself of cancer.

These personal experiences set me thinking. The hurt that these people are going through are the real cause of their cancer. In the yoga class when my trainer shared about the 7 chakras in our body, I learned that the chakras are positioned at the different parts of our bodies collecting different energies. When blocked, or imblanced, chakras stop turning and in turn causes the bad energy to stay inside us causing cancer.

Ms. A and Ms. B both had their hear broken by their husbands, and thats why they develop breast cancer, which is near their heart chakras. the old lady had stomach cancer, because she is not in a harmonious relationship with her own daugther. This affects her solar plexus chakra, which gave her stomach cancer. As for my own uncle who passed away last month I may never find out what his problem was. Why did stomach cancer visited him? Did he had problems with other? Did he felt pushed around, or he felt helpless? I probably will never find out..