Bhujangasana: Almost Perfect

More commonly known as “cobra”, bhujangasana could come as close to a perfect pose as can be.
Lying on your stomach, keeping your feet together, you connect yourself with your body and bring your awareness to the flowing movement of the pose. Bringing your hands to each side, just below your shoulders, elbows upward, inhale and slide forward, elongating your arms, rolling your shoulders outward and lifting your chest upward, using your back muscles to get farther and further into the strech, resting on your pelvis. As you move into the pose, your awareness is focused on the many parts of the body used to achieve the benefits.
Once into the pose, you have the ability to engage the energy of four chakras. Your anahata (heart) chakra is wide open, communicating a receptiveness to the world and its beauty. Bhujangasana also opens the basal swadhisthana (groin) chakra, bringing relief and bloodflow to the area while also opening up the manipura (navel)
Lower back pain is alleviated in this pose, as well as sciatica and constipation. Women feel the benefits in their uterus being stretched while the circulation is opened up. The spinal stretch helps to keep the spinal cord more flexible.
Personally, I have always struggled with Bhujangasana. I tend to have a tightness in my lower lumbar that inhibits me the ability to stay in the pose for longer than a few seconds. Perhaps I am doing the pose incorrectly, however in my research and from others’ adjustments, I am correct in my alignment. I currently see a chiropractor for spine related issues, and in my discovery of a very crooked spine and scoliosis programs, it’s no mystery why I have difficulties. My core lower back and abdomen muscles are also not as strong as they could be to help alleviate my pain while in this position.
I aim to one day be able to perform the asana with ease!