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The Yamas in Everyday Life

I’ve been living separate lives. Within my yoga practice, there exists a harmonic sanctuary where I am blissfully content and aware of Yamas. In the room, practicing with others or on my own, I am awarded the peaceful mind that is congruent with the principles of Ahimsa, Asetya, Sattya, Brahmacarya

When Garbha Pindasana Cannot Be Said or Done Without a Slur (or Hiccup)

It was a reunion of sorts. A Saturday girls’ night out in Club Street with my girlfriends after I’d spent a week away working in Hong Kong. After my self-proclaimed, “booze celibacy” (AKA the 200 hour training course), we were also celebrating the first night I could go out on

Bhujangasana: Almost Perfect

More commonly known as “cobra”, bhujangasana could come as close to a perfect pose as can be. Lying on your stomach, keeping your feet together, you connect yourself with your body and bring your awareness to the flowing movement of the pose. Bringing your hands to each side, just below

Karma Haiku

You’re waiting for WHAT? WAKE up your plan of action Just do it, KIND Sir!

Yoga to the Beatles – Prepariing to Open our Anahata Chakra

Sitting in the bathtub, I began humming a tune… “…Newspaper taxis appear at the shore Waiting to take you away Climb in the back with your head in the clouds And you’re gone…” I had originally planned on teaching my specialty class on how to get into a particularly challenging

Kriyafantastic – The Art of Sutra Neti

Clogged nostrils? Sinus headaches? Want to get further into your asanas? Sutra neti cleansing is for you. I was first introduced to sutra neti a few years ago while visiting friends back in LA. One of my girlfriends was raving about her neti pot. Blah blah blah – “my neti