Beginner Yoga Lesson Plan ( 60 mins )

1. Introduction ( 5 mins )

Place the mats near the wall . Teacher and students will sit in easy seat pose .

Teacher will check if any students have medical condition or any pain in their bodies or if anyone is pregnant.

Check their flexibility . It’s important to remind the students be aware about their bodies during the asanas practice to know if they are experiencing pain or discomfort . At anytime if they need to rest they can stay in balasana ( child pose ) . Prepare blocks and ropes for students.

2. Breathing Exercise ( 5 mins )
The breathing techniques that we will use at all time during the asanas will be ujjayi breath which is victorious breath . Show them how to do this breathing techniques . Equalization of both length of each inhalation and exhalation ,  through the nose . Demonstrate how to do it and let them do a few rounds of breathing .

3. Warm up joints (10 mins )

  1. Stand up and do the warm up exercise from head to toes .
  2.  Tilt the head forward , right side , tilt back , left side , tilt back , right side , tilt forward , left side .
  3. Rotation clockwise and anti-clockwise . Shoulder up and down , rotation of arms backwards then forwards .
  4. Twirl the both lower arms inwards and outwards . Do the same for the wrist and palms up and down .
  5. Gently twist upper body to the left and right for few times . Forward bend , side stretch  , slight back bend .
  6. The hip joints rotation , kick back and forth , bending and flexing knees . Rotate ankle .
4. Tadasana ( Explain that this is the basic pose that they will be using before transition to other standing poses )
  1. Standing with feet together .
  2.  Lift the kneecaps and roll your thighs inwards and tucking the tailbone underneath you and rolling your shoulder blades back and down . Place your palms together at the front of your heart center . Let them know that this will be the standing pose that we will be at before we transition to other standing poses.

5. Surya Nasmakara Beginners – Sun Salutation x 3 sets (15 mins )

Teacher will show the first set and students will observe . Teacher will do the second set together with students . Teacher will guide the third set with verbal guidance and look out for anyone who needs adjustment .

6. Utthita Trikonasana ( Triangle Pose ) ( 10 mins )

  1. From Tadasana , exhale , step the right foot back to face the right side . Stand about 3 feet apart with both feet facing forward ( make sure the pelvic is tuck and the mulabandha is lock . Explain to student to engage the core and students are asked to place a hand on the stomach and another hand at the gluteus ) , torso facing forward . Once the standing is stable then turn the right foot out 90 degrees while maintaining the torso facing front and pelvic tuck and keeping the heel in line.
  2. Inhale and raise both arms up to shoulder level parallel to the floor with palms facing down .
  3. Exhale and extend the torso to the right , slowly bring the right hand as far down the right leg , for those can reach to grab the big toes if not can use the blocks . While the left arms lengthening towards the ceiling . The left shoulder should be just above the right shoulder . Imagine the back of the body is pressing against the wall and press the hips forward . Look at the right foot .
  4. Inhale then look up to the left thumb and hold for 5 breaths . Exhale to bring the upper body up to standing . Repeat left side ( Note:  check alignment before doing the left side ) .

Practice against the wall . Place the feet and body as close to the walls . Do the same as above . Counter pose : Feet apart , windmill forward bend with hand to alternate foot.  Do a few times .
7. Malasana ( Squat )

  1. Transition from standing to the floor will do a simple slow squat . Inhale and arms straight up parallel to the floor at shoulder level with feet hip width apart .
  2. Exhale and slowly bend knees and firm footings till reach the mat . Keep the pelvic tuck .
  3. Place the hands forward to touch the floor or palms together with upper against the inner thigh . Hold for 5 breaths .
8. Dandasana ( Staff Pose )

  1. Sit with your legs straight in front of you , with the toes dorsi flex up .
  2. Place your hands next to your hips , keeping your spine vertical . Look straight ahead parallel to floor . Hold for 5 breaths .

(Explain this is the seating position we will be using quite often for quite a few seating poses . )
9. Ardha Matsyendrasana  ( Half Lord of The Fishes )

  1. From Dandasana . Bend the right knee and place the right foot over the left leg . The right foot will be flat on the mat next the outside of the left thigh with feet facing forward . Left leg straight with foot dorsi flex .
  2. Inhale arms up , lengthening the spine .
  3. Exhale and twist the body . Place the right hand on the mat behind the hips and left arms against the right knee . Look behind over the left shoulder .
  4. Hold for 5 breaths . With each exhalation try to twist deeper . ( Check if students need adjustment or help )
  5. To get out of the pose , inhale with arms up . the exhale untwist the body. Back to Dandasana . Repeat the other side .

10. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana ( Bridge Pose )

  1. Lie on the back . Bend knees and place heels as close to the sitting bones . Hands by the side with palms firmly on the ground . Place a block in between upper thigh.
  2. Exhale and press the inner feet and palms firmly to the ground . Push the tailbone up to pubis firming the buttocks and lift the buttocks off the ground .
  3. Inhale and clasps the hands under the pelvis bone and extend through the arms to stay on top of shoulders . Lift the buttocks till the thighs are parallel , squeezing the blocks and open the the chest . Hold for 5 breaths .
  4. Exhale and release the clasps hands and place next the body , slowly rolling the spine back to the ground then lastly the buttocks . Repeat twice and do once without block .
  5. Bring the knees close to the torso and rock back and forth gently .

11. Ananda Balasana ( Happy Baby Pose )

  1. Lie on the back . Exhale and bend knees towards the body .
  2. Inhale and hold the outside of the feet with your hands .  If can’t reach can use rope to loop over each sole  . Bring your upper thigh as close towards the ground while tailbone maintain close to the ground . This pose is good stretch for thighs , lower back and hamstrings . Hold for 5 breaths .

12. Savasana ( 5 mins )

  1. Guide the students to relax . Lie on the back with the legs apart and feet facing out . The arms spread outward away from the body so that the scapula can rest on the mat . Palms facing up . Stay 5 min.
  2. After 5 minutes guide them back to their physical bodies .
  3. Inhale and stretch the arms above the head and legs straight on the mat . Bend your knees and bring it up to the body and rock gently . Slowly lift up to seating position with eyes closed .

13. Closing with Om

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