Before I came here , I never really take notice about how I breathe or how shallow my breath was . It never occur to me that it makes a lot of difference when we know how to use the correct techniques for breathing .
Only when I came here for my very first lesson that I learnt my first conscious breathing , Ujjayi Breath ” Victorious Breath “. It was something new to me . I have been told to breathe during the yoga practice at other studio before but was never shown how to do it properly . Only here then I learnt how to use Ujjayi breath for all my asanas practice . The sound of my Ujjayi Breath let me focus on my asanas . Although sometimes I will forget to breathe that is normally because my mind wonder a lot . That is why my teacher will remind me to breathe . I know I need to practice more so that I can elongate my breathing . So I will try to breathe deeply whenever I can or when I feel upset or anxious . It is soothing and calming , at times the breathing will also interrupt my negative thoughts .
Pranayama is one of the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. In sankrit term pranayama comprises of two words : Prana ( vital )  and ayama ( expansion ) . Therefore , pranayama also translates as ” expansion of vital energy ” . The breathing does more than supplying the body with oxygen for life . When controlled , the inhalation and exhalation of breath purifies and cleanses an individual – and it can calm the agitated mind or energize the overexerted body .
There are many techniques that can help us in our breathing and calming our mind . It’s amazing how pranayama practice can calm the disturbed mind . If one mind is not calm or tranquil ; happiness cannot be attained from it and daily task cannot be completed properly .
” Ashantasya kutah sukham [ for one who is without peace , where is happiness ]?
Pranayama technique is without movement of thoughts or thinking . During the pranayama practice we will have some visual or thoughts , let it all go . When the body is not ready we will get frusfrated because the mind is trying to take over . When we turn inward all the old negativities may occur in our mind  . Elongate the breath and prolong it , this can help to calm the mind . It will also regulate our breath . As for this , can be done anywhere , at anytime or at any situation . Be aware of how you feel , try the breathing to ease your mind . Only with practice then one will know why is it so beneficial to do pranayama . Even when doing the asanas , it can be meditative because we are focusing on the breath and without thoughts .
Just to name a few of the Pranayama practice such as Nadi Shodhana , Shitali Pranayama , Shikari Pranayama , Ujjayi Breath , Kapalabathi Pranayama , Bhastrika Pranayama , Brahmari Pranayama and Anuloma and Viloma Pranayama.
Keep on practicing , elongate the breath , prolong it and it will definitely tame the mind .

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