Be kind and Cherish the Little Companion

Ahimsa means non-violence or non-injury to all beings. When we say violence, most of the time, the first thing that came into our mind is the physical violence towards other. As we think deeper, it is also referring to the violence by behaviours, words, tones or thoughts towards other as well as to oneself . Ahimsa is part of the first 8 yoga limbs, called Yama. Yama is the principle that teach us how to treat other and the world around us.

ahimsa pratishthayam tat vaira-tyagah”

“When there is natural firmness in non-violence, all hostility comes to an end in its presence. Conflict ceases in such a mind.”

Sultra 2.35

Ahimsa in daily life

I have been trying to be more kind and compassionate more towards other beings as much as I can. I always watch my words and intentions to be pure and honest as possible. On the other hand, there were self-talk like “why are you so silly”, “why did you do that”, “I am not enough”, etc. Little did I know that I am being harmful to myself with all sorts of self-criticisms and negative thoughts.

Ahimsa reminds us to be gentle with ourselves. As I started to be more aware of the ahimsa, I have beens started to be more compassionate with myself again working towards self-love. When we make mistakes, have doubts and insecurities, one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to be more acceptance and change the negative self talk.

While practicing yoga, sometimes we tend to push ourselves beyond what our body is capable of at that moment and that can cause injury to ourselves. That is ahimsa. We shall let go of our ego, listen to our body and accept our own limit.

This little companion, called self, is going to be with you until the last breath. Try to remember to cherish it, embrace it. Why don’t you give yourselves a hug right now? Try cultivating some love, kindness and compassion towards yourself and towards other.