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Asana Yoga for Everyone! Really?

Asana Yoga, the physical practice of yoga, that could intimidate many people because they are afraid they won’t be flexible or strong enough. Some people believe that they must own every piece of equipment, like yoga mats, blocks, straps and clothes. Others hinder themselves from engaging in a physical exercise

Be kind and Cherish the Little Companion

Ahimsa means non-violence or non-injury to all beings. When we say violence, most of the time, the first thing that came into our mind is the physical violence towards other. As we think deeper, it is also referring to the violence by behaviours, words, tones or thoughts towards other as

Amazing benefit of Pranayama for Hypertension

Pranayama Pranayama is the yoga practice of focusing on breathing. Prana in Sanskrit means “life force/energy” and Yama means “control”. The breath is a representation of Prana, and Pranayama is the conscious control of breathing in order to lengthen and expand the vital life force energy. Pranayama is commonly used

The beautiful anatomy activation in Virabhadrasana III pose

Virabhadrasana III in Sanskrit, also known as Warrior 3, is named after the fierce warrior, Virabhadra. It is an intermediate balancing pose in yoga with dynamic standing posture. It requires a lot of focus to maintain a deliberate balance and all the muscles throughout the entire body such as the