Asana and Body alignment

Yoga postures are far more than stretching our body to be flexible or strengthen our muscles. In the YTT course, we learn the skeletal system, types of joints, and how they move. The name and location of the muscles that are attached to different bones; how the muscles contract; how different muscles work together in just one simple pose. As we learn the body alignment of each pose. We can work on the correct muscles, stretching and strengthening the proper muscles. And, finally would feel comfortable in the pose. 

Utkatasana – Chair Pose, is a common yoga pose; and we also do squatting in the gym or daily workout very often. However, so many of us would make a common mistake on this pose – overarching our lower back. This improper alignment would lead to lower back pain. When I first came to the gym doing Chair Pose with weight. I felt my back so unwell the next day. 


Once we found the alignment in Chair Pose, it is a very good pose that strengthens a number of core muscle groups. While doing Chair Pose, the quadriceps, inner thigh, core, and shoulder are activating. 


Lower body: 

The lower body is doing flexion and adduction. The hip flexors, which are the psoas and quadriceps, are activated, helping us to do the sit down motion. The inner thigh, which is the adductor muscles group, is activated to draw two legs together. The gluteus and hamstring are stretching. 


The gastrocnemius and soleus muscles ground the feet on the floor firmly. 


Upper body:

The quadratus lumborum is activated. The rectus abdominus is firmly engaged, tethering the rib cage to the pelvis and preventing the ribs from bulging forward. 


The trapezius and rhomboid draw the shoulder blade down, and open the chest. The anterior deltoid and biceps lift the arms overhead. 


Benefits of Chair Pose:

1.Strengthen the quadriceps and gluteus 

2.Stretch the calf muscle

3.Engage the deep core muscle

4.Lift up the rib cage and promotes fuller breathes