NIYAMA – Tapas

Tapas is one out of the five practices in NYAMA. Literally it means “heat or glow”.  Heat is coming from the sun, where it is the source of energy. Through practicing Tapas, we can feel the energy from the sun, and find a brighter self. 


As we grow up in the material and stressed society, we might accumulate many dead tissues inside, which bothers us to the bright. Everyone’s dark zones can be different as we are unique. Emotions, like anger and jealousy, negative thoughts, relationships, careers etc; anything can be our dark zone. 


To remove the dark zone, we need to practice Tapas to give us new energy and build up inner strength. There are various ways, such as fasting, exercise, yoga, reading etc. 


Minimization and Practice Yoga: 

(1) I try to keep as few things as I can. With the room more clean and empty, I feel more fresh and energetic. In order to keep the room clean and empty, I have to do cleaning more frequently. Things are kept in their proper location. 


(2) Practicing yoga brings me mindfulness and happiness. As I keep my room more clean and empty, I place the mat on the floor to remind myself practicing yoga daily. 


Self-discipline is always not easy, it require continuous practice. The key of tapas is endurance, daily cleaning and yoga practice. Then, the next question comes to how to endurance? Find your passion and satisfaction from it. Keep trying different yoga poses, and then you can find your passion in it. After the YTT course, start your teaching. And, Set up your goal step by step and measurably. Then, you will find it easier. 


Be patient; build up with time and effort. Through continuous self-discipline, we can find our own glow. To me, when will be the day I define myself in the way of purity. It is the day we feel the freedom in self-discipline.