What brings you to yoga and what yoga brings to your life?

When it comes to yoga, the increasing popularity; the models looking like people on social media, and their beautiful body shape will come to mind. That’s also the reason I went for my first yoga class in 2018, doing yoga became an on and off journey. 


We are living in a city with a very fast pace of life, and so do I. As I follow the norm that “time is money”, I try my best to finish as many tasks as I can every day. I walk fast, eat fast, and live fast. I always have a full schedule; however, I am not contentedness. And my mind is jumping; my actions, my energy level are always affected by my emotions.

I have had a more regular yoga practice since last year. So many times, I feel fresh and calm on the day I practice yoga. Besides getting more familiar with yoga poses; mentally, I feel yoga really helps me release the tense mind. 


I always struggle with balancing poses, as I realize that there are too many thoughts in my mind. To be balanced, breathing and concentration is the key. It can also apply into our life.  Concentrating on mindfulness brings us a more balanced life. 


The metaphor of holding the sand shared by Master Sree remains with me. When we hold the sand with an open hand, the sand remains where it is. However, the moment you close in order to hold it tightly, the sand trickles through your fingers.  


Hence, “Acceptance, Mindfulness, Minimize” are so important. Master Sree shares these again and again throughout the class.  It is not hard to understand but not easy to practice. 


Acceptance doesn’t mean we don’t need to make an effort. We keep learning new and challenging poses. Sometimes, we may fall again and again. But be mindful, which means we don’t need to be disappointed with failure. We accept our limitations and keep trying. One day, our mind can bring us to the poses. 


Living in this material world, it is always fun with entertainments, attractive things. But what brings us true happiness? I find my contentment and peace in yoga. We don’t need a decent place for doing yoga. Back to nature, one yoga mat, a space, we can find happiness and peace there. Material things cannot bring us happiness, only when we return to nature, find our inner self, we can find true happiness.