Between B R E A T H : 6” | INTROSPECTION (mind)

Between B R E A T H : 6” | INTROSPECTION (mind)

A reflection in a window; A portrait in a mirror ,
A gaze, a smile a breath deeper .
A penitent confession to the silhouette of unforgotten philosophies,
Of pure feelings, blossom from the testaments of humble spirit free.


A rhythm of my soul still reverberating in whole,
In my mind space inviting and waiting to unfold.
A road, an alley, a dwindling path,
Alone and accompanied are each other’s half.


The meeting that is also the encounter itself,
Many a time without any authentic encounter to tell.
Feeling alone in the presence of another’s Heart,
A pinky touch that feels like a thousand miles apart.


I am the time; I am the space,
I sit in silence without the chase.
Denying busyness, I’ve set myself free,
For the composed mind holds the ultimate key.


The thought, the breath, the lingering heretofore,
Shadowing the many ones that came before.
Memories and moments aren’t meant to last forever,
They stop by to teach you lessons and continue their endeavor.


The mind in time will come to be still,
With distance and space, it stretched to tranquil.
The voice, the noise no longer feels right,
The mind now accepts the Universe inside.


I am the art piece, brushed in black, grey and white,
Dwelling in the archive of reticence far from all sight.
Memories no less than the past and the present,
Always in union with my breath since 1987.


When your Mind is the prison; Hope becomes dangerous.
May the clouds disperse to reveal the lumination of your shine



Jack Chan ^^ | TTC 2018’03 | Weekend Warrior!

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