Between B R E A T H : 12” | RECONCILIATION (body)

Between B R E A T H : 12” | RECONCILIATION (body)

What am I to you that so few knew,
Your perception of me; a reflection of you.
a name, a space, a face from a place,
who then is this body that seemed so displaced.


I crafted a drape with soulful pleats,
Renaissanced from shoulder to the soul of my feet.
A stroll, a turn and nowhere to return,
Unity of being the delicate senses yearn.


Unspoken philosophies and old mythologies triumph, 
Two voices: the body of a poet; the mind of a poem.
Separateness and fragmented personalities thickens illusion,
Of undying permanence, the common eye seeks definition.


What made you unsee the mystery and beauty in every anatomy,
Prejudice of mind, pre-judge mere flesh and blood intentionally.
Provoked by ignorance, the mind can no longer see the body,
Cast round the intolerable social bigotry a ring of absurdity.


Reconciliation invites an acceptance of the two voices in whole,
Aesthetic of duality lies the goal to let go both body and soul.
We approach the disagreement with others to be tacky,
But accept the disagreement with ourselves to be pretty.


Evidence of reality transcends the natural phenomena of creation,
For the end to start, honest encounter with the Body is man’s obligation.
Pretentious morphology of human seeing, human doing, and human moving,
For how long have many forgotten to simply be a human being.


Timeless etiquette forms the verse of the Universe,
Beauty in the knowledge the Body converse.
Man must comprehend the peculiar relationship with alterity, 
With what is never there; with what cannot be there, a unity.


Where all possible are inconceivable; all plausible unbelievable,
Pure Being a conscious period of creation to the man responsible.
When common sense seems to have beaten death,
In fact, we have only just taken one more breath.


Reconciliation is the honest conversation between:
Compassion, Forgiveness, and Acceptance.
 May your temple finds equanimity and forever be nourished 



Jack Chan ^^ | TTC 2018’03 | Weekend Warrior!