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Silence Is The Sound Of Sahasrara

Sahasrara, a funny sounding word to a Sanskrit-foreigner. difficult to remember, fun to attempt to pronounce, and satisfying to let the syllables roll off your tongue. the concept is similar. “funny sounding” to a non-believer (of “divine consciousness”), “fun” to attempt to experience to experience from within, to the higher consciousness, and PROBABLY satisfying if you could attain balance of the Sahasrara – i mean, i am guessing but being connected to the everything and nothing, being conscious and “unconscious” (detached) to all – sounds like the ultimate peace, like you have beat the final boss in a video game (called life?).

what is silence to me?

channel 1: phasing out all senses (esp. of audio, visual, and smell) around and in me into a messy harmony (or destruction) of sounds and sights

how? by recognizing the existence of that presence, and then simply acknowledging it.

moods that would let me channel such silence:

  • when i am feeling neutral and driven and am able to concentrate at my center – nothing matters more than my current being
  • when i am feeling relaxed and at peace, that everything is ok
  • when i am feeling outta outta sorts due to lack of mental/ physical energy, or overdrive of mental energy (i.e. super pissed/ upset!), and cannot concentrate on a single instance of something

channel 2: filtering out all senses around me

how? by forcefully shutting everyone and everything out.

moods that would let me channel such silence:

  • when i am feeling defensive, angry, and close-minded
  • when i wallow in self-pity, feeling depressed and low, like nothing will ever be ok
  • when i feel defeated and hopeless, like everything is pointless
the parallels in everything we do, including asana practice/ ashtanga sutra, is mad.


next is a very lame series of text i would love to called poem –

Title: understand, experience, be

in control vs state of controlling (effort vs effortlessness)

acknowledging vs shutting out (phasing vs filtering (of senses))

attachment vs detachment (of everything-ness and nothingness)

them growing pains; one day we shall

reach without trying to reach

 ’nuff said.


Inspired and thankful

What is a good yoga lesson? To some, it is a good workout or physical challenge. To others, a good stretch or rest for the mind. Whichever the case may be, a good lesson is often seamless. It flows through the pranayamas, warm-ups, asanas to the peak pose (optional) without your realization. A good teacher guides you from asanas to asanas, section to section, breath to breath with smooth and continuous instructions. Alignment variations and physical adjustments are inserted in between with little disruptions.

I have always thought that being an experienced student would equate to being a good instructor. Of cos, I have done it hundreds of time, I can just draw from memory and repeat the instructions if i wanted to! I have severely underestimated the work put into each lesson plan.

When writing our own lesson plans, my classmates and I churned out scripts. Yes, scripts of instructions! Detailing breath intake, alignment, and adjustment ques, muscle benefits, much like a screenplay complete with “exit stage left or stage right”. The plan must also be balanced in terms of working the muscles equally and also within the required duration. Then, you have to memorize the script and deliver that in a class of live students, whilst demonstrating the asanas to the best of your abilities. I have not gone into mirror movements yet!

Now I am thankful. Thankful for all the teachers that piqued my interest in yoga with their amazing lesson plans. Thankful for the effort and time that you have devoted to the plans, and in turn your students. I hope my lesson plans will do the same too.


It’s a dog eat dog corporate world out there. With Covid-19, job security is at stake and stress is at an all-time high. This post will teach you to shine in front of your boss and also release some muscle stress at work.

First volunteer for your boss’s latest useless side project. What better way to catch his attention than to extend your arms up like the star employee you are.

Additional benefits – eccentrically contracting your latissimus dorsi, teres minor/ major, and releasing them from the hunched posture you probably have.

Next, abduct your arms to the side facing your work buddy to saboh them to volunteer with you. Avoid their murderous eye contact by gazing at your elbow. Remember to abduct both left and right arms to arrow enough people to form a team.

More benefits – same as above and also additional release for the obliques with the gentle twist.

Realize that your colleagues are all going on leave! Silently cry into your flexed knees as now, you not only have to do the boss’s project but also cover their work.

Feel better as you eccentrically contract your gluteus muscles, bicep femoris and rectus spinae.

Finally, surrender and steal a nap by drawing your belly to your thighs. Sink deeper with each exhalation and relax. Tomorrow is a better day.