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Our long awaited Yoga Teacher Training is back with a new revamped syllabus more relevant and current to modern world.
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Studio Locations

We have 5 Yoga/Pilates studios conveniently located within walking distance from MRT stations.

KOVAN | Pilates . Yoga
1021 Upper Serangoon Road
#02-01 Singapore 534759
(MRT: Kovan)

PAYA LEBAR | Pilates . Yoga
789 Geylang Road #02-01 Singapore 389675
(MRT: Paya Lebar)

EUNOS | Yoga
160 Changi Road Hexacube B1-08 Singapore 419728
(MRT: Eunos)

CBD | Pilates
5A Lor Telok Singapore 049018
(MRT: Raffles Place)

LAVENDER | Pilates
209C Lavender St Level 4, Singapore 338767
(MRT: Boon Keng / Bendemeer)

Classes & Courses

Whether you’re looking to join a Yoga or Pilates class or become a certified instructor, we have you covered.

Beginners: Dive into the fundamentals of Pilates and Reformer with a class tailored for newcomers, focusing on core strength and controlled movements.

Legs and Glutes (multi-level): Sculpt and tone your lower body with dynamic exercises suitable for various fitness levels.

Arms and Back (multi-level): Target your upper body with a multi-level class designed to enhance arm and back strength through Reformer exercises.

Total Body (multi-level): Achieve a full-body workout with a diverse range of exercises suitable for participants at different fitness levels.

Core (multi-level): Strengthen your core muscles and improve stability through a series of Pilates Reformer movements adaptable for all levels.

Super Core (intermediate): Take your core workout to the next level with intermediate-level exercises that challenge and refine your abdominal strength.

Flow (intermediate):Experience the seamless flow of Pilates Reformer exercises, combining precision and fluidity for an intermediate-level full-body workout.

Beginners: Discover the basics of the Pilates Wunda Chair, perfect for those new to this versatile equipment.

Essentials: Enhance your skills with essential exercises on the Wunda Chair, focusing on alignment, posture, core strength and stability. Ideal for all fitness levels.

Total Body Multi-Level: Challenge yourself with multi-level dynamic Wunda Chair workouts designed for all abilities, ideal for all fitness levels. This dynamic session focuses offers a targeted and efficient full-body workout.

Beginners: Start your yoga journey with a class designed for newcomers, emphasizing foundational poses and proper alignment.

Yin Yoga: Delve into deep stretches and meditative postures to promote flexibility and relaxation. Beginners friendly.

Hatha 1: Explore the traditional practice of Hatha yoga, focusing on breath control and fundamental poses. Beginners friendly.

Gentle Flow (multi-level): Experience a soothing yet invigorating flow of yoga postures suitable for all levels.

Flow (Intermediate): Connect breath with movement in a dynamic yoga class that enhances strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. 

Yoga Core (multi-level): Target your core muscles specifically with a class designed to build strength and stability.

Gentle Stretch (multi-level): Unwind and release tension with a class dedicated to gentle stretching and relaxation. Beginners friendly.

Stretch (multi-level): Increase your flexibility and have a gooooood STRETCH.

Ashtanga Basics: Learn the fundamentals of Ashtanga yoga, emphasizing breath and a set sequence of poses.

Ashtanga Primary Series: Progress in your Ashtanga practice with a class focusing on the primary series, promoting strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. (Intermediate.) 

Wheel Yoga (multi-level): Explore the benefits of incorporating a yoga wheel into your practice, enhancing flexibility and deepening poses.

We conduct Private class 1 to 1 or corporate classes for both Yoga and Pilates Reformer at off-peak hours.

WhatsApp us at 88516153 for more details.

Keen to teach Pilates? Here’s our certifications:

Matwork (Online, on-demand)


Wunda Chair

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