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We offer Yoga classes from beginners to advanced levels, from relaxing to challenging classes. To learn Yoga in a more structured way, you can enrol in our Yoga Foundation Course or Yoga Teacher Training Certification programs.

Yoga Class Descriptions

Choose from the different varieties of Yoga styles to suit your Yoga practice


Simple and easy to follow, great for starters

Yoga Core

Tone abs, trim the waistline and strengthen your core!

Ashtanga Yoga

Challenging movement oriented traditional sequence. Start with Ashtanga Basics, then progress to Ashtanga Primary Series for intermediate level

Hatha Yoga

A slower-paced class in which poses are held a little longer to give you the opportunity to express yourself fully.


Explore movements with breath and flow into yoga postures.

Yin Yoga

Passive floor poses that work the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine.

Yoga Class Pricing

No sign up fees. Book for classes online and get instant confirmation. Or go for a single class at $35. Please book online before going.

Starter Package

$ 170
(10 classes)
  • 10 Classes at $170
  • Valid for 10 weeks (from date of purchase)
  • Flexible timing and choice of any classes
  • Free cancellation of booking (at least 1 hr in advance)

Popular Package

$ 300
(20 classes)
  • 20 Classes at $300
  • Valid for 20 weeks (from date of purchase)
  • Flexible timing and choice of any classes
  • Free cancellation of booking (at least 1 hr in advance)

Wow Package

$ 420
(30 classes)
  • 30 Classes at $420
  • Valid for 30 weeks (from date of purchase)
  • Flexible timing and choice of any classes
  • Free cancellation of booking (at least 1 hr in advance)

Loyalty Package

$ 650
(50 classes)
  • 50 Classes at $650
  • Valid for 1 year (from date of purchase)
  • Flexible timing and choice of any classes
  • Free cancellation of booking (at least 1 hr in advance)

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Yoga Articles

Our Tirisula Yoga collection of Yoga articles from Yoga teachers, students from all over the world. Read about Yoga poses, chakras, meditation, anatomy, injuries prevention and much more

Stop, think and breathe

Why do I want to do this YTT?

That was my teacher’s first question to me and the 9 others in the room. I thought about it, rolled my eyes to the corner for a few seconds and pondered. A lot of different reasons flashed through my mind, it was like a slideshow with a white background, then cloud bubbles flashing in, “I want to be more flexible”,”I want to do more Yoga”,”I want to be able to conquer all the inversion poses that I see people doing”. And to be honest, right now, I can’t remember what I told him on the 11th of January.

Being in this course for about 6 weeks now (4 more to go) has taught me that Yoga is more than all of that. Perhaps its true that my drive towards Yoga was about the handstands, fallen angel poses that makes people go ‘woah’, but even the simplest act of breathing properly is what constitutes Yoga. Prāṇāyāma is the practice of breath control in yoga. Daily prāṇāyāma trains the lungs and improves the capacity of respiratory system immensely and its precisely the little and simplest things in life that we overlook. Also explains the reasons why I cramp so often when I’m in the pose, or the tensed up feeling I always experience because I hold everything in and forget to breathe.

As we live in a fast paced environment and rush to do 101 things everyday all the time, always remember to breathe. Taking a breath break can help you reset the button, release tension, calm yourself down and relieve stress and anxiety. So before you do anything in a rush, before clicking that ‘submit’ button, just stop. Stop, think and breathe. Trust me, it will different.

Yoga during the Time of the Month

During the Time of the Month, most of us would choose to take a panadol and rest in bed. However, it isn’t recommended to constantly rely on medication. If your body allows it, yoga can help alleviate back pain and cramps. It also helps in balancing emotions, reducing mood swings, irritability,and anger.

Some poses you can do to help relieve menstrual cramp:
Baddha Konasana
Supta Baddha Konasana
Janu Sirsasana
Supine Twist

These poses stimulate blood flow and circulation, helping to relieve symptoms of bloating, heavy bleeding, PMS and lower back pain.

Word of caution: Do not force your body into anything if you’re not feeling it. Alternatively, if you are too uncomfortable for a full practice, you can practice deep breathing such as Ujjayi Breath and Anuloma-Viloma

Doing these yoga poses/pranayamas at home helps to manage period pains. While it is tempting to turn to snacks, panadol and Netflix as a form of relief, we all know that it is a short term fix. Practicing yoga for even a few minutes a day will be beneficial in the long run 🙂

Kapalabhati and sinusitis

Breathing – a part of us that we do not give much thought to, until we lose it.

As a sufferer of sinusitis and allergies, I’ve always felt that breathing normally is a privilege to have, simply because more often than not, I would have to breathe through my mouth when my allergies flare up.

Pranayama has helped me to be more conscious of my breathing and to be aware when I am breathing through my mouth and not my nose. It has also alleviated some symptoms before asana practice. I find Kapalabhati most effective to help clear out the dirt, bacteria and the mucus from the respiratory tract thus helping in a speedy recovery. It is said that doing it daily improves the immunity of the respiratory tract. When Kapalabhati is practiced before asana practices, I find that my breath work is smoother and more regulated.

In light of Covid-19, I am even more acutely aware of my sinusitis problems when I have to sniff or sneeze when in public. I get self-conscious whenever I have to blow my nose to clear a stuffy nose. Hence, I try to practice Kapalabhati in the morning before leaving the house, in hopes to alleviate the symptoms of sinusitis.

A thing to note about Kapalabhati though, please do not practice it if you fall in the following category:

  • Ladies who are having their menstrual cycle
  • Pregnant ladies
  • Sufferers of high blood pressure
  • Anyone who has had any abdominal operations in the last few months
  • Sufferers of Asthma

If you are new to the practice, please also watch that you start the practice by doing gentle strokes and not more than 10-12 strokes each time.

Keep breathing!