Yoga Vs Gym: What’s the difference?

Why Yoga?” is one of the most common questions I get from my friends. They are unable to reconcile why one would choose yoga over other exercises and will often comment with remarks like “Yoga is too boring”, “Yoga can’t give me any results” or “gym is more effective”. 

I am going to give you a little glimpse on the difference between Yoga and Gym in this post. 

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Benefits of Yoga:

  •  Makes your active and helps in keeping you the same way for whole day
  •  Improves blood circulation and nutrition supply to the body that helps in relieving toxins.
  •  Improves bowel movement, thus relieving constipation
  • Helps in keeping you stress-free and also makes you resistant to factors that cause stress, thus keeping you cheerful throughout the day.
  • Gives you complete control over your mind and body, which minimizes the chances of diseases.
  • Yoga can be performed at home, garden or at the rooftop without any equipment.

Benefits of Gym:

  • Keeps your muscles fit (and big!)
  • Relieves stress and also makes your body muscles resistant to issues that may lead to stress.
  • Makes you sweat a lot, thus enhancing blood circulation and expulsion of toxins.
  • Increases appetite and makes you eat more food.
  • Helps in healthy weight loss and you burn unnecessary calories while working out in the gym.

Ultimately, it is difficult to decide which is a better exercise. However, one thing for sure is they are both good for you – gearing you towards a healthier lifestyle! To avoid overthinking, the best option may be doing both Yoga + gym workouts so you get the best of both worlds 🙂