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Yoga Vs Gym: What’s the difference?

“Why Yoga?” is one of the most common questions I get from my friends. They are unable to reconcile why one would choose yoga over other exercises and will often comment with remarks like “Yoga is too boring”, “Yoga can’t give me any results” or “gym is more effective”.  I am

How to apply yoga philosophy to my practice?

Image source: Yoga has never been part of my life until Covid hit us globally. I was getting increasingly stressed at work and there was seemingly no avenue to release my stress. With lock-down and social gathering activities greatly reduced/minimised, I was lost. It was then when I discovered

10 AMAZING facts you didn’t know about meditation.

Image source: Meditation has been something that is close to my heart. I first started meditation around 6-7 years ago after a heart procedure, with the encouragement of my master. As a person who has little patience, he took quite a while to convince me. My only regret is

How much do you know about Downward Facing Dog?

Image source:, Introduction Anyone who is practicing yoga is no stranger to the downward facing dog pose (adho mukha svanasana). The downward facing dog pose is part of any of the yoga sequences. What’s interesting is that the seemingly easy pose is not as easy to perfect and