Yoga surprises me!

To people who have not tried yoga, they might have the thinking that yoga is slow; holding poses for very long, yoga is bending and contorting the body to ridiculous positions and angle; that is what some of my friends would think and say to me.
As a person living in a fast pace city, with a challenging lifestyle where every day we live to chase after time, struggling to balance between, work, life, family, hobby and personal time. I was never a patient person and always have no time for nonsense.
To me it used to be all about work, work, and work! Hitting targets! Achieving bonus!
Well after all we are brought up in Singapore where since young, forced and trained to be competitive, to win and be first.
It is funny how one can never foresee nor expect how life will unfold until it does. There is always a saying, “in times of adversity comes a great change”.
This is how I got in touch with my first experience of yoga, through adversity. To be frank, I never expect myself to enjoy yoga, neither do people who know me because I would never have the patience to go through it.
It is amazing what my first yoga lesson does for me. Changed my perspective, changed my mindset and my life! I fell in love with the calmness and the relaxation after the end of every class I attend, as I feel it balances me as a person after going through such a hectic work week.
Somehow it has became a part of my schedule that every week, I need to have at least 2 hours of yoga to ease my mind and to keep myself fit.
After about 2 to 3 months of practice, I decided to go for the YTT course, in the hopes to do what I am doing correctly and deepen my understanding of yoga.
Priscilla Loo

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