YOGA Philosophy – Strength, Stamina and Flexibility through yoga

Yoga is often seen as a weight loss and meditating activity. Many failed to realize that it also help build strength, stamina and flexibility.

Canโ€™t reach my toes? Fancy putting my face on my shins? These are fantasies that I did not even dare dream of before. Practising Yoga regularly made me realized that these are not only attainable, as it combines flexibility with stability, allowing me to achieve different poses; it also helped improve my overall stamina and strengthen both my physical and Imental well-being. It changes my mind-set to slow things down in a pace which I feel comfortable with and co-relate it to my daily activities.

It does not matter if a certain asana is not right for me today. Perhaps it may turn out to be a more suitable one as I progressed to a different stage or level through time. Above all, practising yoga preaches paying more attention to my body, and it is often through such communication that helps build strength and stamina both physically and mentally. Needless to say, yoga inadvertently make me start listening and change how I treat, value and respect my body.