Yoga Philosophy

The Main Philosophy of yoga is very simple, it is about mind, body, and spirit that are all as one and can’t be clearly separated. The philosophy of yoga gives us a plan to follow, which leads us to be happy, healthy and peaceful life. Happiness that transforms to deep and long lasting for healthy that keep our body and mind vital and vibrant.Peace that not only whiting ourselves but also with the world.

With the philosophy of yoga we are creating a physical, mental and emotional harmony. We practice physical pose, breathing techniques and meditation to become a better human being and positive light. We want more calm to a stressful situation as getting frustrated in any situation is not good. By calming and quieting the loud of voice of the ego we gain inner clarity this awareness within, remain open, kind, honest, even with those that have caused pain.

Mindfulness is important and in a yoga class I learn to do yoga poses, I will be instructed to notice my breathing and the way my body move during the exercise. The foundation of mind body connection is key. A well-balanced set of yoga exercises gives me the opportunity to understand my body, noting how I feel as move through the poses and may begin to realise for example: one side of my body feel different than the other side during stretching or maybe easier to balance on right leg or that certain poses help ease tension in neck. Learning to be aware of posture when walk, for example; first step to making improvements that will make move more easily and feel better all the time.