How Yoga Came Into My Life

I found myself taking on yoga when I was in college. I wanted to lose weight, but I had no idea what to do, so I started with my diet. I was only eating fruits and I always skipped my meals. I managed to lose 10kg but at the same time, I lost my health too. My skin was dull and I was weak. I couldn’t make myself concentrate in lectures and my grades were so bad, I lost my scholarship. I started to realize that this was not the right way of doing it. I started looking for alternatives. After doing some “researches” online, I realized the importance of eating a balanced and healthy diet. With a wholesome diet and some physical activities, I could still achieve my goal! And so I started to look around for my niche in the world of physical activities. I loved swimming, but I knew I needed something else. I started to read blogs and magazines and I realized that yoga was one of the most recommended activities.
I went to a small studio near my place. I remember my first class vividly—I found it! I was seeking for a good workout session and nothing more, and this was just what I needed!I started with one class a week. I always hoped that Tuesdays would come faster (as my yoga class was on Tues) and I treasured every moment of being in the class.  I had not stretched regularly since young, I couldn’t even reach my ankle in forward bend when I first started yoga. I began to discover something new about myself in every single class. Seeing improvements after every class really motivated me to continue with it.  I also remember always hoping the instructor to praise or acknowledge me with my progress. I thought that it was not a bad thing, as long as it didn’t boost the ego in you. It could be a form of motivation or assurance. Therefore, if I were to teach in the future, I would always remind myself to give acknowledgment to the students for their dedication in their practice.
I became so obsessed with yoga; I started to do it all the time without realizing it! I brought my practice out of the mat, I would practice chair pose when I was watching TV; do forward bends when I was reading newspaper; and even in my shower! However, I stopped practising yoga when I first came to Singapore to further my studies. Yoga classes were quite pricey for me as I was still a student. I started doing yoga regularly two years back, with a small studio in Tai Seng. I totally fell in love with this place. I used to go there every day (I had the luxury of time as student back then), and it always made me feel like it is my second home. I am always thankful that I came know of this place, the teachers there were passionate and I felt connected with their teachings. Most importantly, I met my best yoga buddy (best reward I got throughout this journey) there!
I have continued my path with the 200 hrs TTC with Tirisula (recommended by some of the instructors of mine who’ve also completed their trainings here) and I am really excited to know what will be next for me in this amazing journey! A very big THANK YOU to all that have come across to helped me. Namaste!
Pei Gy (200hr Yoga TTC 07/14 weekend)

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