My yoga journey

7 months ago, I stepped into my first yoga class, with lots of doubts and disbelievies. It all started with my physiotheraphist’s suggestion that I need to take a break from my heavy weights trainings due to the overuse of my rotator cuff. With intention to keep my daily exercise going without further injuring my shoulder, I went to a gentle flow class. To my surprise, the class was tough and to certain extent, an eye-opener. Not even knowing what was a downward facing dog, I had to look around for cues and clues of what I should do. I couldn’t straighten my legs during the hamstring stretches. I had always thought myself as strong, as I have been a regular exerciser including cardio and weights. However, in my first yoga class, I couldn’t even hold my downward dog for 5 breathes without feeling wrist giving up any moment. I was amazed when the class were doing crow pose, which I had never seen before. It was my first time seeing people squeezed and balanced in their arms (yes, I didn’t use Instagram back then and I was pretty much behind all social network), and it was beautiful. That lightness, that effortless yet strong expression gave me a thrill. After my first class, all I wanted to do is to be able to do crow pose.


It is funny that in our life, something so small can lead to a journey that you never know you will be drawn in. I went to yoga classes every day in hoping that the instructor in every class would teach crow pose; practiced every day wishing that my hands and arms could hold my heavy legs one day; watched every single Youtube video I could find on tips for that beautiful pose. Interestingly, despite 1 month of constant practice, that crow never came. Instead, I got my headstand, I felt my hamstrings loosen, and most importantly, the pain around my shoulder area disappeared. The more I practice yoga, the more I realised how weak I was, but at the same time, how big is the space for improvement. That crow did come to me in 2 months, not how I expected, but I had a little celebration for this little achievement.


At my 4th month of practicing yoga, I signed up for 50hr immersion program, where I met likeminded people with same interest, strength and persistence. It was also there I made lots of friends, which keeps me going on this journey. You see, what yoga brought me is more than physical, but relationships that I foresee will last forever. What I realized through the past 8 months is: with consistent practice, you can’t always predict what’s coming next, but one thing that can be assured, is joy brought by progress and supportive friends!