Writing the 4th blog after 200hrs of yoga in 1 month, exams and teaching a yoga class to my friends during the last two days …

Yes, it’s true. I came home yesterday very tired after 1 month of yoga training, two days of exam and teaching a yoga lesson to my friends. But also veeeeery happy about having accomplished all this. But did I really have accomplished all? Uuups, there were the 4 blogs waiting for me – to be written in English. And I knew that I could not relax completely before having done all the work. So I spent my hours thinking and writing at the computer and still 1 blog is missing. Getting slowly a little bit grumpy. In the background there is a husband, boys and friends waiting for more attention again from my side. So I rather write this one very quick. And then I’ll jump in the pool, sit down with my husband to ask him how his life is going, go out with my friends to celebrate my 40 birthday (which was two weeks ago but I didn’t really have time to celebrate), rest in Shavasana on the Sofa and relaaaaax.

And after a certain time I’ll realize that karma is missing – and I’ll come back to the Master Teachers Paalu and Satya and I’ll do my 300 hrs yoga teacher training. I hope to see you all there!