Water Fasting

A few months ago, I did a 5-day water fast. Here’s some written records of day 3, 4 & 5 – where I’ve recorded my experience and expressions. I have really felt the changes and shifts within me – physically emotionally mentally spiritually. And I deeply believed that I could have gone for more than a 5-day water fast.

As we’re nearing & now closing the year of 2021, I am now preparing for a longer water fast. I will be embarking on a 10-day water fast from 1 January 2022, where I have begun actively planning for. I will be incorporating Yoga, nature walks, massages, various therapy, sensory deprivation tank and a one-day Vipassana meditation sitting.

I will be happy and excited to share more with you, if you’re keen to learn about my water fasting process and the experience of it all. Do note that I seek advice & support from my Naturopathic doctor for my water fast – hence, I am only sharing my personal experience and trust that you will also get the right professional and trusted support when you embark on such an experience too. 😊 Feel free to reach out to me! IG: @padmapink