How Union (Yoga) Has Changed My Life

The problem with me, a by-product of the 21st century, is the fear of the unknown and the need for instant gratification. Why?
We were born with a silver spoon in our mouth. Since the day we came out of that “bubble”, everything was provided for. A roof over our head, food on the table, that warm bath and the list goes on….. Little did we know, we are still in that bubble as we live in safety made possible by our men in green that we expect out of our Government. This sheltered and fortunate environment that I grew up in has made me so contented. As a result, venturing out of my comfort zone was a real obstacle.
I learnt that Yoga is derived from the word Yuj which translates to union. Union means to join. It was through Yoga that I was forced to break out of my comfort zone and come together with my fears, to try new things and face my fear of falling. When we had to do inversions in class, I was so afraid of falling. So many ‘What Ifs’ were going through my mind. What if I fall? What if I break my neck? What if I look ridiculous? I was afraid of falling, but I was even more afraid of failing. It was totally new to me and my body was unknown to the feeling of being inverted. Of course I fell many times in the course of trying to get into headstand and tripod headstand. After numerous failed attempts, my hips finally went up and then my legs and I’M UP!! It made me realize that fear is what the mind conjures and we all need to break that barrier of fearing the unknown and get out of our comfort to discover and grow. And failing is inevitable in the path to success.
Also, technology killed my patience. When in doubt, “google” it and you’ll get your answers almost instantaneously. Unsure of how to get to your destination/ end point? “Google Maps” is here to save the day. Unfortunately, that is not how it is with Yoga Asanas. There are no short cuts. It comes with practice, a lot of patience, determination, discipline and perseverance. Everyone has different abilities and capabilities. You cannot expect to be able to get into headstand in one day just because others around you are able to do that pose. Practicing asana has trained me to be aware and listen to my body and work within my limits. If you cannot get into a pose today, it’s okay, do not force it. Just pick yourself up and push a little harder with every practice. You’ll never know what you can achieve the next day!
200hr Vinyasa Sept 2015 (weekend)