A look at Trikonasana (triangle pose)

A pose so seemingly easy requires a good deal of understanding to execute with perfection. My favourite pose, Trikonasana, brings calmness to me while it channels a strong sense of awareness throughout every part of my body.

I would like to see this pose akin to a tower- one that has a strong base while the tip reaches for the sky. The weight has to be equally distributed between two legs to achieve the delicate yet firm balance. As you reach forward with the front hand, the body lowers into position with the hip as the pivoting point.

The base, which is the triangle formed by the legs, achieves stability through active engagement of key muscle groups e.g. vastus intermedius, adductor longus and bicep femois. The flexibility at the hip ensures the spine is straight, only bending at the hip. When the arms abducted, the eyes gaze at the upper thumb.