Sutra neti: Thread cleansing

On the third week of July 2010 I successfully managed to do Sutra neti: Thread cleansing. It felt very weird at first, my eyes started to tear and saliva dripping out of my mouth. It felt both comfortable, yet uncomfortable at the same time.
Sutra neti is a cleansing nasal technique, performed by using a sutra, a string of rubber thread. This technique is used for nasal cleansing, where the thread is inserted into one nostril and comes out from the mouth.
It is an extremely effective method for nasal cleaning. It allows the nasal passages to be opened to their full capacity. If you often have nasal blockage or excessive phlegm in your sinus cavities, sutra neti can help you get rid of it. For a condition like sinusitis, surgery seems to be the only alternative. You are wrong! This yoga nasal cleansing technique allows you to forego surgery!
I used to be a social smoker.
After a few sessions of nasal cleansing, I developed a very bad sore throat and fever. A lot of phlegm and mucus was purged. It felt good knowing that all these impurities were rid and my mind felt clearer, with a better sense of smell!
Nowadays, I find the smell of cigarettes revolting! In the past, my mind used to wander off into the meadows when I smelt cigarettes, desiring a puff of it. Now i just want to shun away from it!