🔼Sun salutation

Sun salutation is a series of yoga asanas performed with gratitude to the sun, coherently and smoothly. It comes from a series of actions to worship the rising sun.

The sun symbolizes spiritual consciousness. In ancient times, the sun was worshipped every day. The form of sun salutation began in ancient times, when human beings just realized the spiritual power of themselves and the universe.

Our brain will “set” muscle length according to different daily activities. The action of sitting on a chair or riding a bicycle will send a signal to the brain, and the brain will then order the flexion of the hip to set the muscle length. Continuous yoga exercises can lengthen muscle length, improve the range of motion of the whole body, and allow the brain to reset the “new” muscle length. When I sleep, my muscles shorten, which is why my body feels stiffness when I wake up in the morning. Sun salutation is like stretching exercises for different parts of the body. Through this kind of stretching exercises, the muscle length that the brain reset during the last exercise can be recovered.

During practice, the body heats up, the body temperature rises, and the blood vessels on the skin surface expand. Dilation of blood vessels and sweating are to remove heat from the body and regulate body temperature. In addition, sweating can also expel toxins from the body.

Elevated body temperature promotes blood flow to muscles, making tendons and ligaments softer. The synovial fluid circulating in the joint cavity brings nutrients to the articular cartilage and removes waste from the articular cartilage. The sun salutation can alternately contract and relax the muscle groups, and in doing so, it also accelerates the return of blood to the heart by pressure. When the ventricles are at their optimal filling state, the arterial blood output will also increase. In this way, more blood circulates to the various organs of the body, and at the same time sweat increases, which helps the body excrete more toxins. Sun salutation is neither purely physical exercise nor mental exercise, but a combination of the two. This can enhance all aspects of human personality, almost every part will be fully practiced. It is also suitable for people of all ages, whether young, adult or elderly.

🔼Benefits of sun salutation

◆Stressed office workers can practice 20-30 minutes a day to help relieve stress

◆Regulate menstruation, promote normal hormone secretion, and help elderly women regain vitality

◆Help manage emotions, spirits, and behaviors

◆Stimulate all glands, effectively help prevent diabetes. It is also the best way for obese people to consume fat (as shown in the picture). People who want to lose weight should drink a glass of water with a little honey 30 minutes before the practice day.

◆Remove respiratory tract Exhaust gas, very good for respiratory diseases

◆Improves heart function

◆Stimulates abdominal organs, enhances appetite, prevents indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, etc. People with flatulence and wind disease should drink a glass of warm water 30 minutes before practicing worship

◆Stimulate kidney function , Precautions for the prevention of kidney disease


◆At least in the first three times, each position should be slow

◆Children under eight years old do not need this kind of practice

◆Women who are menstruating should avoid practicing

◆You can practice sun salutation after 12 weeks of pregnancy

◆High People with blood pressure and coronary heart disease should not practice. People with hernia and intestinal tuberculosis should not practice. People with herniated discs, back pain, sciatica and other spinal problems should consult a medical professional and yoga physiotherapist before practice. Japanese style is beyond the scope of one’s own ability, step by step