Sirsasana – The King Pose

Sirsasana – Headstand, was the motivation that lead me to yoga.  To me, it looks fearsome, yet awesome.  And I could not believe that I’d actually done it.
There was a lot of falling.  But I kept trying.  And somewhere along the line, a moment of weightless, my feet lifted off the mat.  Only for a few seconds, and I’m sure I was shaking through the pose instead of engaging my core, but still.  I felt it, then instantly immersed myself in happiness and joy.  Then I kept practicing and every day since.  I’ve also fallen.  On my shoulders.  On my back.  On my face.  But each misstep comes a new chance.  To focus and start over.
Progress in postures comes from consistent practice, and that’s the only trick.  While I’ve been trying, I recognized that the reason why I struggled so long for this pose was because I intended to jump up or kick into headstand, but getting into headstand should really be done through strength and control.
Here’s my sequence to get into the pose:
– Forearms pressed firmed on the ground, interlace fingers
– Straighten legs to downward facing dog
– Walk toward the shoulders
– Push strongly on the shoulders and arms
– Engage abdomen muscles
– Knees tuck into the chest
– Lift into headstand
Most importantly, release your fear, don’t compromise your breath and do it at your own peace.  If you get frustrated, stop, try again tomorrow.  Don’t give up.
Clare K.