Short yoga sequence to recover from cough

I happened to get Covid-19 right before the TTC exam week and have to postpone it. This was my first time contracting Covid despite the pandemic having started years ago. Apart from having all flu-like symptoms: fever, runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezes and body aches; it has left me with a persistent cough and tickly windpipe.

Countless lozenges were used. I also went through all the home remedies I could find on the internet, such as drinking warm honey tea, gargling salt water and steaming my throat and nose over hot water. I suspected that the cough is due post-nasal drip. So I was using saline to cleanse my noses, making sure to prevent further nasal drip into my throat–which could result in coughing even more. I think these remedies soothe the symptoms for a while but I couldn’t help but tried to find to apply yoga to this problem. So I came up with a short sequence to remove nasal congestion, reduce cough and slowly get my body up to shape for more frequent practice after Covid. 


I used Anulom Vilom technique to gently practice controlled breathing. Using alternate nostrils helps to expel excess mucus out of the body and reduce congestion in my nasal.

It also helps to calm my mind and gives me an anchor to focus on. Instead of being constantly reminded of how tickly my throat is, I was only breathing slowly and deeply to the counting. 


In order to open the lungs more and let more air in, as well as push the virus out of my system, I selected a sequence with lots of chest opening poses while trying to focus on deep inhale and exhales while on the poses. The sequence is as follows, each pose lasts for 3 breaths. 

  1. Ardha Chakrasana – inhale: rise both arms up, arch back, and open the chest. Hold for 3. 
  2. Uttanasana – exhale: fold forward, and let the upside-down motion clear up the nasal passage. 
  3. Ashwa Sanchalasana – inhale: step back, open your chest, look up (both sides)  
  4. Cobra – inhale: chest opening, let the air flow in naturally. Stay for 3 breaths.
  5. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose) – this pose helps to open the chest further and increases the elimination of mucus. 
  6. Downward Facing Dog – it was mainly thoracic breathing in this pose, bringing the breathing closer to the lungs. It also gives a calming effect and helps with the headache from Covid. 
  7. Prasaritta Padottanasana C – opens shoulders and chest to reduce fatigue.
  8. Padangusthasana 
  9. Halasana (Plough pose) – get to shoulder stand then slowly come down to Halasana. This helps to activate the throat chakra. 
  10. Child’s Pose – rest here for 10 breaths. This helps to stretch the entire back and open up the lungs. Also, a relaxing pose to regulate breathing, and reduce the cough.