Let's Savasana!

Savasana which is also known as the corpse pose is my favourite asana for all! I love it especially after a good and strong Ashtanga yoga practise. Little did I know that besides its relaxation aspect, it encompasses many other benefits from from mental to therapeutic treatment.

Savasana is mainly practised in the following steps.

  1. Physical relaxation – for releasing of tension of our muscles from toes to head
  2. Breath awareness
  3. Mental relaxation – Yoga Nidra state
  4. Spiritual relaxation 
    a) Channel energy to each chakra – from root chakra (Muladhara) to crown chakra (Sahasrara)
    b) Affirmation – i.e. I AM CONFIDENT

During the initial stage of Savasana, the body relaxes which aids in releasing tension, repair tissues and cells. In deeper relaxation, the body falls asleep yet the mind is in full awareness. This is the Yoga Nidra state, which is also known in psychology as hypnogogic state. 

The theta brain wave patterns predominate in Savasana. This state of brain function engages the initiative subconscious mind, accessing deep seated memories and connecting to the collective subconsciousness. Healing occurs in this state.

By practising Yoga Nidra, it promotes the following benefits.

  1. muscles recuperation
  2. relief stress
  3. insomia
  4. trains subconscious mind and ordinary mind follows the path automatically
  5. release repression of past experiences
  6. a therapeutic treatment of psychological and psychosomatic diseases


Savasana and Yoga Nidra can be practised without yoga asanas. It can be a solution to the busy modern lifestyle of our present societies.








The Key Poses of Yoga – Ray Long