Satya : The Truthfulness

Satya : The Truthfulness

Satya, the 2nd yama of the 5 yamas after Ahimsa, as define in the yoga sutra, is truthfulness, no telling of lies, honest, not deceitful or hypocritical.

I came across an article that says “To be truthful we have to think, speak and act with integrity”. This statement brings me back to my understanding of my religious practice which says we can firmly established truthfulness by being mindful through practicing right thought/intention, right speech and right action in our daily life.

Honestly, putting Satya into practice can be a challenge. Truthfulness, easy as it may sound but how many times are we able to be truthful to others or even to ourselves.

Once, on an overseas camp with my graduating students, a high support needs student who had violent traits had a melt down because his room buddy spoil his watch while meddling it. To calm him down, without his notice I quietly switch my watch with his as we happen to have the same model and coincidently the same colour followed by a white lie that I have help fix his watch and it not spoilt thus preventing violence in the room.

Nevertheless, how challenging it may be, I will persevere to perfect my practice in Satya.