Running away from the big chase

Chasing after perfect scores(or maybe passing scores😂), clocking personal bests since secondary… It was hell then! Thank goodness everything came to a stop after uni.. But I felt something was missing then! Didn’t know what it was, neither could I find it then… It was a mental battle. Until last year, I found yoga(cos it was the hottest then and I was tempted to try it🙊). That was when I got hooked to yoga! That was when I found peace within(really and truly). I forgot about whatever that’s bothering me or stressing me out.. Just moving the body and  flowing through the sequences. (And the +++ factor is learning and nailing asanas of course😅) THAT’S ALL!! I wasn’t craving to nail the WOW poses(not like how I was craving for those perfection during old school days), cos I know #practiceandalliscoming it’ll come eventually right?:) And the practice continues, with the help of teachers and inspirations from ig:) Then, not knowing where I am in terms of practice, I bravely signed up for level 1 alone!!! cos I wanted to correct my alignments. Knew I made the right choice cos I learnt and received so much more than what I expected!:) Same goes to level 2! Though the conditioning classes were the killer😂😂😂 But WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKE YOU STRONGER!! & I made myself go beyond my comfort zone!:) Then come level 3, we were forced to go even beyond our limits cos of our teachers’ high level of expectations from us😂! Although it came to a point where I was physically and mentally exhausted due to the high amount of of workload from work and immersion, it was yoga which made me feel better. Instead of the over cravings for perfect score, I practiced what yoga taught me. SANTOSHA. TO BE CONTENTED! And the mind keeps running even when I was on the mat… It was a battle of the mind then but thankfully I got through it after ‘savasana-ing’ for a good half and hour:) and I decided to just let things go, to stop over craving and do my best in whatever that comes! Now that I’m at the last stage of YTT, yoga wasn’t the same as it was when I first practiced. It became part of my life subconsciously😊 It taught me not only about asanas but also how to live better:) 


~Yvonne Boey