The purpose of challenging Asanas

I have struggled with the Asanas, Sirsasana and Bakasana for quite some time and til today, find it a challenge! There are moments where I find it demoralising and I am aware that without mastering these poses, it would be near impossible to attempt other poses. In the past, I would tell myself perhaps it is my scoliosis that has hindered me and maybe it won’t be possible to master them or that perhaps, I’m just not strong enough (which is still true today).

However, it is because of these challenging poses and the desire to improve that I continue to show up on the mat and attempt practicing or prepping for these poses. There is still much to improve technique wise but also internally, such as the fear of falling, to develop greater discipline and structure in my personal practice. It is through these challenges that I am able to push myself a bit more, to explore ways to overcome these obstacles which may one day be useful information or lessons for others facing similar issues.

Thus, to anyone that is reading this and you feel like giving up on something, be it something on the mat or off the mat, I hope you’ll be patient with yourself, believe in yourself and that you’ll continue to try 🙂

Linda Lim (YTTC200 – January 2018)

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