pranayama- control of the vital energy

Life is meant to be amazing ! As a person you are meant to have the life that you want, accomplish the things that you would love to accomplish.When you wake up each day , you should be filled with excitement  because you know the day is going to be full of great things… There is energy flowing in our bodies and it can be a positive or a negative energy just like in science(electric charges) but I’m not being scientific in this instant. Give out positive energy and receive positive energy and vice versa. Energy needs to be nurtured and controlled, as a dancer I  have stage energy, when I perform I use external energy meaning that wether I’m tired or upset or sick the audience does not need to see or even know that. As  the saying says” the show must go on”. I also use inner energy to focus to be able to do the show because if I start to think that I’m sick, my husband didn’t call me last night, my body is tired, my knee is sore… the list is endless, then I will not be able to perform. What is this vital energy and how does one control it, thats where The name Pranayama comes in. I will put my external energy on stage and my internal energy to help me focus but my thoughts will be wondering about, in one scene I will have so many thoughts about that fact that my husband didn’t call me but I’m still focused ,my audience doesn’t see anything. Pranayama helps me to control my vital energy, what is “vital”? I’m going through a process of turning the mind inward.Controlling the mind is not possible without controlling the prana, as the two are connected. when a person is in deep thinking or meditating the breathing will slow and sometimes you will think that that person is sleeping. When a person is affected by negative emotions, it will be seen that the breathing becomes irregular and unsteady. Knowledge  and control of the prana is called pranayama. The nature of the mind  is to be unsteady; it is affected every waking moment by what we see hear, eat and experiences through the senses, thats is why we practice pranayama to control the mind.When a person does pranayama one has to be strong enough to withstand various mental disorientations that can occur during practice because old negativities may surface. It happens to me also but I confront them so that I get rid of them.

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