Self observation – My greatest teacher is within

For many years I have been wanting to have the opportunity to focus and spend more time and energy on my yoga practice. I have always wanted to have the opportunity to learn more about the correct alignments for different Asana poses, to gain knowledge on different Pranayama techniques and to truly understand and grasp the different techniques for meditation.Β 

Through the 200h Yoga TTC that I am currently undertaking, I am finally able to realise this dream. After the first full day of practice, it felt empowering to finally dedicate this time for myself to study and practice yoga. I am coming towards the end of my course and it has been an extremely fulfilling journey. One of the most insightful learnings I have gained from this experience is to look within myself for the answers to questions and learning to recognise the qualities within myself that are the innate gifts I was born with and expressing them fully, without the fear of being judged.

Through Pranayama practices I have learnt to steady my breath and mind and looking inwards at the qualities within myself that keep me from realising my most authentic self, and replacing them with qualities that serve me better. I have learnt to notice my reactions and responses to people and situations and are consciously making instant changes to become a better reflection of myself. During my morning practices I have been using self visualisation techniques to connect to my soul which I know to be untainted and full of love, light, compassion, joy and gratitude for life.Β 

I know that there will always be room to learn more and to grow. I want to continue to commit and deepen my practice. I want to learnt to talk less, listen more, challenge myself to do more, be more, experience more, and continue to evolve into the best version of myself. I understand that this requires patience, dedication, commitment, persistence and perseverance. Life is filled with challenges and growing pains, and as I navigate through my own consciousness I now feel better equipped with the knowledge I have gained.