This shouldn't be news: The Benefits of Yoga for Children

I’ve recently come across a number of news articles in the mainstream media pertaining to Yoga and its benefits for children. I find it surprising actually, that this is news! Really, schools should have been incorporating yoga in the classroom many years ago. The benefits of Yoga can easily be seen in all areas of a child’s development:

  1. Body  
    1. promotes development of the vestibular system (senses)
    2. encourages motor development on both sides of the body
    3. develops strength and flexibility
    4. improves posture and alignment
    5. improves digestion and circulation
    6. relaxes the body, promoting better sleep (vital for growth and development)
  2. Mind
    1. calms and clears the mind 
    2. increases concentration, focus and attention span
    3. relieves tension; reduces stress and anxiety
    4. balances energy
    5. expands imagination and creativity
    6. promotes thinking and memory
  3. Spirit
    1. builds confidence and self-esteem
    2. supports individuality
    3. encourages social and environmental awareness and responsibility
    4. enhances teams skills and social interaction
    5. inspires respect for others
    6. gives a sense of universal connectedness

Perhaps there is a purpose of stumbling onto articles titled Schools turn to Yoga or Meditation used instead of detention so often in past few months. Perhaps this is what has drawn me back towards the practice. Whatever the reason, I believe that this is part of my journey. I hope to learn more, to drink in the knowledge and share it with the next generation; both in the classroom and with my own children at home.

Lynn Jones